brunch and coffee in portland the city of food

Stefanie grew up in a very healthy household. Her first food experiences were eating fig newtons and unsalted chips, and hiding sugary cereal under her bed. She was a terrible cook until the age of 26, when she was introduced to Julia Child by her friend Stephen who dressed up as Julia for Halloween. Stefanie feels a culinary connection to Julia with her quirky, messy, and sophisticated approach to cooking. She wouldn’t do it any other way.

She lived in Portland, OR for two years and had the most adventurous, inexpensive food journey of her life. If you’re ever there: go immediately to The Waffle Window on Hawthorne Blvd and order the ThreeBs. It will change your life forever.

Stefanie’s contribution this year will be watching her favorite show The Chew for inspiration, and cooking a lot of low sodium, pescatarian dishes – with goat cheese. Lots and lots of goat cheese. Although a feminist, she has finally accepted that making a delicious home cooked meal can be incorporated into her lifestyle, without the connotation of being a housewife or soccer mom. By the end of the year she hopes to have mastered an Ethiopian dish.

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