Eating is great, but drinking is also important.

Rachel grew up as the family baker. No one else was interested in eating as many brownies as she was, so out of necessity she learned to make them herself. During college a world of other food groups opened up to her (again, out of necessity–one can only eat so much ‘fried ravioli’ at the canteen). She bought a grill, and learned to work it. When she moved to The Netherlands five years ago, familiar foods were left behind and a whole new approach was required. Experimentation (sometimes with dubious results) became her basic culinary approach. Since reading Eating Animals in early 2011, Rachel has been a vegetarian. This shift has caused untold annoyance to her family and friends, but they’ve managed to accept her new stance on food. And if not, they remind her to bring along her own damn food when they invite her for dinner. Meanwhile, the smell of bacon still makes her mouth water.

Rachel maintains her baking roots by being a total bread snob and basically only eating bread she bakes herself. Every Saturday you can find her buying kilos of sustainably-sourced flour at the local windmill. See? Total snob.


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