eating jellyfish: chewy and sweet.

Jessica’s first experiences with planning meals were hosting dinner parties in high school. Yeah she was not part of the cool crowd. But the result was outstanding: learning the intricacies of making French bread, the compliments from friends, and the smuggled Frazia wine.

It was a step up from her childhood days of Ramen, soda, and Friday night deli meat sandwiches. But coming from a large family, it was often obligatory for her mom to cook dinner, usually starting from scratch; something that has carried over with her today. Her next food evolutionary phase continues to this day. An avid international traveler- having lived in Europe, Africa, and Asia- she’s indulged in and inspired by traditional dishes from around the world. Cumin, lemon, and garlic being standards in her cooking.

Her culinary perspective for this blog will be the traditional approach. She loves bacon and butter, and believes that healthy food is more than just vitamins, minerals, and proteins, but an experience. She enjoys most the process and time needed for making things from scratch and cooking for others. Already a regular yogurt maker, her ambition is to one day be able to make her own cheese and cure her own meat.


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