CafeHelios – Located on Glenwood Ave in Downtown Raleigh, this cafe has awesome coffee for 1.50$, beautiful outdoor seating with umbrellas and bamboo fencing, and what appears to be a rooftop seating area, which we couldn’t figure out to get to. Modern, sleek, and full of young people. What more can you ask for?

Humble Pie – A cute little joint in the warehouse area near CAM in downtown Raleigh, we went there for sunday brunch, yum! yum! Don’t expect anything too crazy spectacular… but for around 10 bucks you can get an omlette ‘of the day’ or a big stack of french toast. They also have brunchy alcohol, bloody mary’s, etc. The only downside for a young, single 20 something: it was jam packed with families.

Neomonde – Located in North Raleigh, NCSU, Morrisville; founded by two Lebanese brothers, this is the best place for all your favorite Mediterranean dishes like dolmas and hommus, as well as an opportunity to try something new.

Find a quick meal roaming throughout Raleigh/Durham from these food trucks. From Korean BBQ to Indian to pizza: find information on their location and specials.

La Farm Bakery – Located in Cary, I have not had enough opportunity to eat here, but having visited when it first opened and again in its fullest potential its a diamond in the rough. Fresh ingredients, interesting combinations, and lots and lots of mouth-watering carbs to load up on, made daily.

Rue Cler – Located in Durham. A charming little french bakery and cafe. The duck confit crepe was delicious. And only $8.

The Remedy Diner – A small spaced packed with bright walls, oversized artwork and riotous music. Not what I’d consider a traditional family joint, yet not untended either. Open for lunch and dinner, including bar.

Lilly’s Pizza – Just outside downtown Raleigh, this former dive bar mixes art and hands-down the best pizza in Raleigh. Using organic and/or locally grown products, offering speciality pizzas named after Raleigh landmarks, and displaying regional artist’s work. This cozy yet vibrant joint to is great to meet for pizza and beer during lunch (no judgement) or dinner. Be prepared to stake out and death stare strangers for table on a week-end night.

If you’re up for something more adventurous, Seoul Garden is a pretty stellar Korean restaurant (conveniently 5 minutes from where I live). I can vouch for their quality, as I have lived there, and know a little better than most what it should taste like. The West was first introduced to the merits of Korean food by the inscrutable Gwynny, and her obsession with the weigh-reducing bibimbap. Yet there are a quite a few Korean dishes palatable to Westerners, and truth be told, bulgogi (marinated grilled beef) is an underrated dish in the food world.

Lumpy’s Ice Cream: delicious ice cream made with local, organic milk comes in exotic flavors or labeled with sugar-induced names.

maple walnut on top/ chocolate bacon on bottom

Oriental Store of Raleigh – In North Raleigh this market is stuffed with food items for Asian and  African cuisine. There is also a Filipino take-out restaurant attached.

Neomonde – The only market to this restaurant chain is at the NCSU location. Find everything you need to make an authentic Mediterranean meal.

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