coffee shops

st. honore’ boulangerie i love this little joint. it’s all the way on thurman and 23rd in NW. But, if you’re in the neighborhood – the NW library is across the street and you have a nice view of the Fremont bridge kindof. And the Food Front Co Op is next door. It’s a neat little area. The Bakery has so much goodness. Breads, Pastries, Desserts. And outdoor seating.

fehrenbacher hof – a great hole in the wall coffee house next to the Goose Hollow red/blue line MAX station. Had a great time there after a hike in Forrest Park. Vegetarian options, WIFI, etc

ken’s bakery – 2 locations in NW and SE, good coffee, pastry, cakes, bread. Lived near the NW location, great little spot during the summer

cloud seven nine – what was my favorite coffee shop is now this. they used to sell the “voodoo” doughnut, which was awesome. i mostly like the location, space, and proximity to jameson park. oh yeah, and the coffee is excellent too.

happy hour
saucebox – love their variety of HH options. not a big drinker so can’t really vouch there, but never had a complaint with friends. really cheap 5$ HH noodle bowls

the observatory – in a weird strip of shops near 82nd street, down from the academy theater, it has a cute vibe and decent priced fries. yummy

hopworks – if you’re a beer fan, this is a place for you. not only is the food and beer great, the design and feel of the experience inside the building is fun

bartini – i warn you, try to get a seat outside, of you may go running. the inside is like a black hole, but if you get a seat outside in the summer, the food and cheap martini drinks are worth it. the fondue app is fantastic

melt – this reopened from some terrible cafe, with a great HH menu, open late, and a cozy feel inside. not the best selection on my list, but it was definitely a proximity pick in NW

gustov’s – a fun german pub. has great fondue during happy hour

i hate to add this, but portland city grill has an amazing view of the city, and apparently good cookies, which i’ve never had. but you have to go there at least once for the experience

queen of shiba – ethiopian

pambiche – cuban

nicholas – lebanese

hk cafe –  this dim sum place is spectacular.

the big egg – had a yummy egg breakfast sandwich there for lunch. so good.

waffle window – SE 36th Ave. Sit in or out. It has… Just go to their website!

whiffies – great late night spot at cartopia. Went their many times with friends Hannah and Matt who lived just around the corner. Nothing like a warm pie at 2 AM on a sunday in December. Beware of hipsters. And the porta potties

the roxy – the food is not particularly good or bad, but they are an open 24 hour diner in downtown – which is hard to find. it’s an old grungy spot with weirdos creeping around outside, but everyone needs one in their city

portland soup company – had the best beer cheese soup at PSU campus, they change their menu every day, so that’s fun too

brunchbox – many a lunches were had at this awesome burger/breakfast/sandwhich food cart with Hannah, it’s right off the max line on 5th ave, stuffed in between some other awesome carts as well. what’s great is that you can customize a breakfast sandwich for around 4$… my specialty: veggie sausage, bleu cheese, on texas toast

la jarochita – the best mexican food cart downtown. excellent veggie tacos for 1.50$. Very close to Brunch Box.

the whole bowl – very delicious 5$ rice bowl lunch

potato champion – they have truffle oil fries. and they rotate their specials and sauces. and it’s at cartopia.

under 10$ dinner
cha!cha!cha! – stephen’s favorite, so we went there all the time… but their burritos for 7$ are great for dinner, to split for lunch or to eat all yourself… and the hawthorne location has a great outdoor seating area

le happy – wonderful little french crepe cafe in the warehouse area of NW, on the pricier side for the amount of food, but it is a charming interior with board games and dimmed lighting, fun for a group

hot lips – i know some portlanders have a problem with hot lips, for unknown reasons to me, but i like it. their vegan pizza is delicious, and around 3$ a slice. pizza was a common food lacking in portland, so it was a breath of fresh air

montage – by far the best mac and cheese i’ve ever had. great southern vibe with spice foods and all kinds of drinks.

besaw’s – be prepared to wait in a line out around the block, a more traditional brunch place, i loved their salmon scramble.

pine state – mmmm mmm mmmm, just the thought of this place gets my mouth watering. opened by two or three southerners, this soul foodish biscuit shot is to die for! they have sweet tea, fried chicken, biscuits and fried green tomatoes. but be prepared to spend the big bucks. it’s a 15$ per person menu if you really want to eat

cup & saucer now that johny b’s is closed. i’m guessing this is the best place to brunch on hawthorne. where will i go with matt & hannah now?

tin shed never been there, but apparently it is fantastic.

voodoo doughnuts – open 24 hours [the SE location, NOT the downtown one] and the one in SE has all the kenny rogers paraphernalia. while terrible for your body, it’s great for your soul

scoop organic icecream – a charming little food cart at the North Portland food cart cluster. So yummy and seasonal flavors, like avocado.

the kennedy school – an old high school turned movie theater/hotel/pool and restaurant; it is really an exciting Portland jem. It has the typical McMenamins food, but the building itself makes the outing a lot more adventurous.

doug fir a lovely bar/concert venue/restaurant. i don’t like anything in particular there, but the building is nice and has a presence on SE burnside. it’s a hot spot.

pok pok never been there, but ALWAYS hear about it.

apizza scholls tried to go there once, but the wait was too long. featured on No Reservations, it has good street cred. also, it’s on hawthorne, so go put someone in line and shop while you wait.

grilled cheese grill never been there either, but a lot of my friends have. it’s grilled cheese served inside an old bus.

screen door never been there either, but it’s also talked about. southern food for the northwestern soul. brunch and dinner on the weekend and dinner during the week. it’s hard to get a table so go early.



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