We, Rachel, Stefanie and Jessica, met as fresh-faced, idealistic 18-year-olds, with a mind to become the future architects of the world. We spent many days and nights together strung up in studios devoting our rational minds to the pursuit of the perfect combination of form and function. But love of music, travel, and then some deepened our love for each other that has spanned the past decade and continents all over the world. You get the idea; we’re good friends.

With oceans and time zones often separating us and only the chance meetings during holidays to reconnect, we decided to work together on this blog as a means to keep in touch. Here is a forum for us to share with each other, but also the larger foodie community- that being you! The blog will mostly focus on food, but constantly diverge into our other interests. There will also be food guides to places we’ve lived or traveled to and other cooking resources we stumble on. To keep things interesting there will be monthly challenges to conquer, each of us contributing our cooking perspectives and expertise. And because this is a blog for the larger community, we really hope to have contributions from you, the readers. We love food. Period. So if you’ve got a good idea, don’t hesitate to share!


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