All Things Chocolate

We enjoy our chocolate, hence the clever name of our site, so here is everything chocolate related. It came to be from a conversation which went something like this:

S: What should we name our blog?

J: I dunno, something with three…

S: What about something we all like?

J: We all like chocolate.

S: True. But it’s such a cliche.

J: What about The Chocolate Cliche?

dark chocolate peanut butter cupcakes

nutella chocolate bacon pancakes

coconut oil brownies

chocolate fondant

chocolate truffles

peppermint patties

nutella hot chocolate

double chocolate cookies

chocolate dipped dried fruit

queen of sheba cake

chocolate mousse

chocolate covered potato chips

sea salt fudge

chocolate chip cookies

triple chocolate cookies

cherry chocolate tart

opera cake

nutella stuffed cookies

chocolate almond biscotti

chocolate macaroons

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