Mini Pizzas

Mini Pizza

I’m really in to mini pizzas right now.

What you’ll need:

Pizza Dough, cut into small portions, 16 from one batch. Roll them out and let rise for a bit before you pre-bake. Have your toppings ready.





Roasted Garlic


Sliced Peppers


Cherry Tomatoes

Black and Green Olives

Cheeses: Goat, Fresh and Shredded Moz, Brie


PizzaPre-bake the small pies for 5 minutes on a pizza stone at 425 degrees. I usually fit 4-5 at a time. Take out, top with ingredients and then bake for 8 minutes until toppings are cooked and crust is crisp. A pizza stone is best to get the crunchiest crust. Make sure you pre-heat the stone in the oven as it heats up.

Pizza Stone


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