Best Chocolate Chip Cookies Ever

I don’t know why, but because you melt the butter instead of soften it in this recipe, they turn out so very different from any other kind of chocolate chip cookie I’ve ever made. These are very big and only yield 8 cookies a batch, but totally worth it. Sometimes I only make a half the recipe.

The only difference I make is to substituteĀ almond extract for the vanilla. And mine probably aren’t as hard as the recipe, but I love how they turn out, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, sometimes they crumble sometimes they don’t. I also don’t add salt to the top, because I can taste the salt in the cookie.

Recipe here, from an awesome food blog.

What you do differently: Melt butter instead of beat to death in a mixer.

Dry ingredients.

I use whatever chocolate I have lying around.

No need for an electric hand mixer.

They turn out best from a dry, lumpy batter.

The large cookie size [1/3 cup dough] is what makes the cookie so massive and hearty.


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