Tunisia on a Plate

The past two weeks I spent on an amazing vacation in Tunisia. A big thanks to a friend for hosting me as well as showing me seriously delicious eats.

The wonderful (in my opinion) thing about Tunisia is a strong Mediterranean culture with Arab overlays. So, as an added bonus to staying in a spectacular ocean-side town, there was an overwhelming concentration of fresh fruit, fruit juice, coffee and tea, pastries, and chicha (hookah) consumed. In Arabic and French (the two major languages there) you “drink” chicha, not “smoke” it.

the crepes at Prince Pastries are made to order with gooey chocolate center.

starting the day: merguez sausage: mixture of lamb, beef, and spices.
fried egg with capers and hot peppers.

some of the MANY fresh and dried items found in markets and road-side stalls.

the two hot beverages of choice: mint tea of coffee. both equally good for spending hours with friends while the afternoon slips away.

chicha (pronounced shisha), a great accompaniment to a cup of tea.

fruit juice or smoothie, they were amazing every time. this one is banana, apple and pear, with almonds and honey to start, and dates at the bottom to finish.

spicy tomato base with merguez (that amazing sausage) and egg. dip with bread. the small plate is mayo and harissa (their version of hot pepper paste) that they put on everything.

Bon Appetit!!


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