Blackberry Lime Granita

Granita is basically a fancy word for a shaved Italian Ice. Remember those little cups you can buy at the grocery store? You don’t need to buy them ever again. Make this from fruit lying around. Well, maybe not banana. Stick to juicier sweet fruits.

Juice of 1 Lime

Big bowl of Blackberries

Agave [to taste] I enjoy treats like this tart, so I just put in under 1/8 cup. Put more if you want it traditionally sweet.


Make a sugar fruit mixture in a pan on the stove. Heat up the agave, blackberries and lime juice. Don’t boil. Just let it simmer and reduce down for 15-20 minutes.

Then filter out the juice in a sieve and set the seeds and meat aside for another recipe. Take the juice and mix in water. I didn’t use exact measurements just roughly 1 part blackberry juice, 2 parts water.

Freeze in a covered container. Serve by shaving off into a bowl.


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