Pear & Goat Cheese French Toast

I didn’t follow a recipe for this, I just found some items lying around and used them. This had a salty sweet aromatic flavor because I used salted rosemary bread. The most delicious food to me is a combination of salty and sweet – so if you don’t like that, use plain bread. But use a bread that is light and airy because it best soaks up the egg.

I made a basic french toast out of the bread,  2 eggs, a touch of cream and a spoonful brown sugar. Make it like you’d normally would. Mix, soak and saute.

I made caramelized pear out of 1 pear, touch of cream, a spoonful of brown sugar, ginger zest and some butter. Throw in a pan and saute until a dark brown color. Take off when the pears are soft and there is a sauce. You don’t need any syrup.

And then, I topped it with goat cheese. It melts and infuses with the pear – so yummy.


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