April Challenge – Last Supper

Okay. So for some this might be a loaded question. For some you couldn’t care less – eating whatever is set in front of you. Food is food and that is all. But for those of us who put thought into almost every meal… we’ve made it into our April challenge.

Since this is kind of an odd thing to think about – considering most of us won’t exactly get to pick our last meal… I’m linking this to an interesting collection done a couple years ago of last meals requested by inmates recreated by artist James Reynolds called The Last Meal. Many other artists have done this and I think it’s kind of fascinating. What would you eat if you could only have one more meal?

So this month. We’ll be cooking up our last suppers. Who knows what this will inspire. Extravagance? Simplicity? Alcohol? The possibilities are endless, but there is only one.

Any readers/friends out there, what is yours? Feel free to contribute!


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