“Home Made” Pizza and Delicious Spanish Wine

Hello all! Happy to join the gang for this installment. Here’s to good, simple food and tasty wine to enjoy with it.

Living in Georgetown I shop almost always at Trader Joe’s, it’s an easy walk from my place, and the experience and food quality is always nice.

For my first entry I decided to keep it simple. A pizza made at home along with a nice bottle of wine from southern Spain.

Zucchini, Pepperoni and Mozzerella Pizza:

1 pre-made pizza dough ball (I used the Herb and Garlic one found at Trader Joe’s)

4-5 Tbsp. Pizza Sauce

2/3 of a large Zucchini (thinly sliced)

1/2 Package Pepperoni- (roughly 20 or so slices)

1/2 package pre-sliced mozzarella (enough to polka dot the pizza surface)

Preheat the oven to 425 degrees. Allow the dough to sit out at room temperature (in the package) for 20 minutes before working with the dough ball.

Flour a work surface to spread the dough.

Lightly oil a cookie sheet, I used olive oil. Sometimes with fresh dough the dough doesn’t cook through when the ingredients are added directly to the raw dough so I pre-baked the stretched dough for 5 min before saucing and adding the toppings.

After pre-baking the crust, spread the sauce (I used 5 table spoons of Trader Joe’s pizza sauce, found next to the dough). Spread evenly with a spoon.

I then added the mozzerella, pepperoni and then zucchini. I like to think of pizza making as a composition exercise. It’s all about balance.

I lightly ground some fresh pepper and Trader Joe’s Pink Himalayan salt over the pizza as well as sprinkled some red chili flakes to give it a little heat. The chili flakes in the end did offer a nice touch, adding before cooking rather than afterwards.

The dough package said to cook for 6-7 minutes. I found it to be more like 10. Let cool for a few minutes then enjoy!

Great Wine Finds:

2006 Monte Ducay Reserva- Spain

$6.99 Trader Joe’s

So the yellow paper wrapping may throw you for a loop, but think of it as a nice gift all wrapped up. I’ve enjoyed this wine for a while now. I purchased a case for my graduation party over the summer, and all enjoyed. Remarking on the depth of the flavor. This wine hails from the Carinena region, and is similar in style to the more costly wines coming from Spain’s Rioja region.

The value of this wine is found in its region and its age. Spain produces some top notch wines at bargain prices. Having several years of time to mature, this wine for its price is much more complex in flavor (complex meaning longer finish and more transition between flavor notes on the palette) than many wines being sold at the same price but with vintages of 2010 and 2011. I’ve never been the best at choosing out particular fruits and flavors in wine, but this wine is definitely of the dark fruit variety such as dark cherry and cassis. I highly recommend it, and would love to hear feedback from those of you who do give it a try.

Look forward to more budget finds from me!


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