This is different from Rach’s homemade mayo she made earlier this year because this has mustard and garlic in it and is made with olive oil. Here is some more information about the differences. I guess it commonly gets confused. I don’t see how, because Mayo is white, creamy and very distinct in flavor.

I really can’t stand mayo like things, but I’m forcing myself to try this variation. Maybe if it’s not a white processed paste from a jar I will be able to stomach it.

1 Egg Yolk

Garlic Cloves

1 TB Dijon Mustard

3/4 Cup Olive Oil

From Under the Table:

Crush garlic cloves until a paste forms. Add the egg yolk and the mustard and whisk well. Add olive oil bit by bit until it is thick, glossy and smooth. Be gentle and don’t wisk too hard, because it can bruise the olive oil and create bitterness.

I enjoyed this, but wasn’t quite sure what to eat it with. Because it can only keep for two days, I would probably only make this again if a lot of people could enjoy it. I had to toss what was leftover – and to me that’s a waste of olive oil.

I spread it on a portabella mushroom burger. At first it was very strong in flavor but I got used to the garlic and didn’t even notice it after a couple bites. I definitely like it more that mayonnaise.


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