Homemade tomato soup and grilled cheese

In other words, the best lunch EVER. If I could morph this into something I could take with me to work I would be a very happy camper. Unfortunately, this is something I pretty much only enjoy on the weekends. But enjoy it, I do.

Tomato soup. I know, I know, you’re tempted to buy the organic stuff in the pretty packaging at the supermarket and call it a day. Well don’t. The homemade stuff is so damn good, and so damn easy, you’d be super lame if you just bought it. Jesus would know.

So go get your tomatoes. Slice them up. Lay them on your baking sheet with the skin side down. Add some onions if you like. Drizzle some olive oil over those beauties and add a bit of S&P. Roast your tomatos until they look slightly shriveled and delicious. This really intensifies the flavors, so if you’ve only got those horrible pinky/orange tomatoes you can give it a go. (If they’re still not cutting it, go for the canned ones.)

After they’ve roasted, saute some carrots (and onions, if you prefer not to roast them) in a saucepan. When they’re done, add the tomatos and puree it with added stock, if you want to bump up the flavor. (I leave the skins on, but if you’re a purist you can peel the skins.) Puree to a very smooth consistency.

Add some fresh chopped basil at the very end, and a dash of cream. S&P to taste. Amazing.

Grilled cheese, well, everyone has their favorite. Mine happens to be a really nice aged white cheddar or gruyere. You know what to do with the bread and butter.


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