Polenta Crusted Fish Cakes

I love fish. So this potato fish treat was very delightful for me.

Cut up 1/2 pound of Yukon Gold potatoes into cubes. It will be mashed, so you can make mashed potato the way you usually do or like this: boil the cubes for 7 minutes, strain and mash by hand.

In a food processor chop up: 1-2 pieces of  cubed white fish [I used flounder], a handful of cilantro, salt, 2 cloves of garlic, red pepper flakes and an egg. Chop up until the fish is coarse. In a dish or flat plate, spread out 1/2 cup dry instant polenta.

Mix the fish batter with the mashed potato and form into cakes, pressing each side into the polenta. Fry in a pan in olive oil; three minutes a side until the fish cooks and the outside is crisp and golden.


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