Mushroom Omelette

5 Ingredients:

1. Eggs [3]

2. Cream [dash]

3. Mushrooms [1/2 cup]

4. Cheese [whatever you like]

5. Chopped Green Onion

Saute the mushroom and set aside.

Whisk the eggs in a bowl and add the dash of cream. Do not season with salt. Salt will make the egg tough and not fluffy when cooking. Add salt at the end.

Heat a nonstick pan on med-heat. Pour the egg into the pan and let cook. Don’t touch it until it is browning on the under side. You don’t have to flip it if you don’t want to… I get slightly grossed out by raw food so I flipped mine, but traditional omelette leave them “sunny side up”…

Fill with mushroom, cheese and onion and wrap like a burrito.


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