Homemade Marzipan

Although Marzipan can be found in a lot of European countries, I’m basing mine on the kind I was brought up on as a kid: Horst Schluckweder. If you’re not familiar, Marzipan is a almond paste mixed with sugar in a candy form.

I have to admit, nothing can compare to the marzipan I ate as a kid, but this is a fun homemade alternative that is a lot more affordable. A bar of Horst is around 5$. And this is only the cost of almonds, sugar and water with a lot more yield.

1 Cup Almonds

1/2 Cup Sugar

1/4 Cup Water

1/2 Cup Confectioners Sugar

1 TB honey/corn syrup [if you use honey you can add less sugar]

Boil in a saucepot on medium heat: the sugar and water. You can also use a thickening agent like honey or corn syrup. I used organic cane sugar so mine was darker in color, and a small amount of corn syrup just to hold everything together.

In a food processor pulse to oblivion the almonds and confectioners sugar. I got mine as fine as I could, but the final product was still a little too coarse. Next time I will do it even longer so they are like a powder.

Pour the semi-cooled sugar liquid over the pulsed almonds and mix again in processor until a ball forms. Roll out in more sugar or on plain wax paper and form into desired shape – a log or a flat piece to cut out shapes. Wrap, seal and refrigerate to cool down. Cut up and eat after a couple hours. You can also dip in chocolate or coat in chocolate. But I like the inside best. So I eat it plain.


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