Adventures Baking with Lavender

I picked up a 2$ pack of cooking lavender last time I was at World Market since I’d never cooked with it before. After doing some research, I found lavender is a tricky little devil in baking. You have to strike the perfect balance or it could turn out too soapy or have no trace of the scent at all.

The first thing I tried was a tea cake. I don’t know if the problem was with the recipe or my execution. I’m going to assume it was me. I melted the butter to infuse the lavender and that possibly was the mistake. I am a terrible baker. I hate using exact measurements and usually don’t have the right ingredients. The cake didn’t rise and was about 50% ground almonds. The flavors were there, but the presentation was less than to be desired. Hopefully next time I can come up with something better, can’t wait to try it again.


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