Slightly-less-ridiculous Mac and Cheese

‘Slightly-less-ridiculous’ as in, we are going to use skim milk and whole-grain pasta, add some veggies and hope for the best. No, we are not going to use reduced fat cheese because that is just WRONG. This is still some serious comfort food, and we need it because it just snowed for the first time this year and the evil weatherman is calling for another week of below-freezing temps.

Start by boiling up some macaroni until just under done.

Chop up an onion and saute it. Add some mushrooms, leeks, tomatoes; whatever you have on hand.

Add about 2 tablespoons of plain flour–it’ll look gross, but that’s ok. Stir it up, then slowly whisk in about 2 cups of milk. Add some sage if you want, it adds a nice flavor. Salt and pepper to taste, maybe a tablespoon of mustard for kicks.

Heat until bubbling.

Lower the heat and add about a cup of your cheese of choice. We’re going with gouda on this one because that’s what I’ve got. ‘Jong belegen’ for those who care.

Drain your macaroni and then mix it in with the veggie/cheese mixture. Combine well, then pour it all into a greased baking dish. Cover that dish in delicious cheese and then pop it in the oven just long enough to brown the cheese on top.

Serve with guilt-reducing sides like SALAD.

I couldn’t wait to eat some, so the corner is missing, but you can easily imagine this gooey mess in all its (complete) cheesy glory.


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