Pumpkin soup

Better late than never, right? This is my contribution to the January soup challenge. Which is pretty lame because I eat A LOT of soup. In colder months I tend to make soup at least once a week. Problem is, I’m still getting the hang of grabbing my camera while pots are boiling.

Anyway, this soup is amazing. It’s also relatively easy to make, aside from some grumbling during the pumpkin-peeling session. (Tip! Smarter folks might plan ahead better so they can peel it without cauterizing their fingertips.)

Like many wonderful recipes, this one comes from my favorite go-to book for basic techniques, Mark Bittman’s How to Cook Everything Vegetarian (given to me by the equally wonderful Ms. Speer!). The recipe appears on page 133, but I’ll do a summary here.

Start off by chopping your pumpkin in half (we’re talking small sweet ones, none of this Halloween mess), and roasting it for about 30 minutes on high-ish heat, or until the skin starts to bubble up. Let it cool, then peel that sucker. While it’s cooling, saute some onions with some sage (dried or fresh), just be reasonable here–the pumpkin : onion ratio should be about 4 : 1.

Add the pumpkin flesh to your onions, then add enough chicken or vegetable stock to cover the veggies generously (you can always add more later).

After this boils for a bit, take out the most useful weapon in your kitchen arsenal: the immersion blender.

This thing is amazing. Alright, blend that soup to a fine silky texture, then reduce the heat. When it has stopped boiling, pour in some cream to taste. I used whole milk since I had it on had, and it was gorgeous. Blend a bit more, if you like, serve hot, and garnish with fresh cilantro or flat leaf parsley. Heaven!

Thanks Mark! (And Stef!!)


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