The food comes to you.

A surprise bag of fresh veggies every week!

The best decision I made in 2011 was to order a “vegetable subscription” (groenten abonnement) from a local organic farmer. Through this program, I get a bag of delicious goodness every Wednesday, often with unusual (or unknown) contents. This is a great tool for experimenting with lesser-known vegetables such as parsnip, celery root and salsify.

Having a tiny fridge also encourages one to be selective about food choices...

I use these guys, but there are different version everywhere. I know some folks in North Carolina that use Carolina Grown to order everything from locally-produced beer to free-range beef. If you don’t know a provider in your area, you can use this to help find a local CSA (community-supported agriculture) farm.

What could be better? Supporting local farmers, getting good food and broadening your knowledge of produce all in one fell swoop! BAM!


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