The world’s best french fries…

…can be found at the Belgian Beer Cafe Boudewijn. No joke, these babies will change the way you think about french fries. They are hand cut, fried in fresh peanut oil and served in a paper cone. The kicker? They come with a side of mayonnaise, and it ain’t Hellmann’s. This whipped creamy stuff is homemade and fresh–and SO GOOD.

Plus, they have Leffe Dubbel (or Brune, if you’re Belgian) ON TAP. Seriously, who doesn’t want to end a long day of work with a pile of golden french fries and nice caramelly beer?

Homemade mayonnaise, by the way, is totally easy to do. All you need are some eggs, lemon juice, salt and oil. I’d recommend a really light olive oil because I am addicted to olive oil. You just whisk up everything except the oil, then slowly add the oil drop by drop and whisk it together to emulsify it. You can also throw in some cool things like black pepper, dijon, herbs or sun dried tomatoes!

Homemade mayonnaise:

2 large egg yolks (if you also use the whites it will be lighter in color)

3 big spoonfuls of lemon juice (or lime! go crazy!)

pinch of salt

about a cup of oil

Belgisch Biercafé Boudewijn is located at Nieuwe Binnenweg 53ab, 3014 GB Rotterdam


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