Easy Salmon Marinade

so I eat a lot of salmon, and I get a little sick of grilling, baking, and pan frying it plain… so I found a nice marinade that really complements the flavors and keeps it from drying out.

3 Tablespoons Olive Oil

1 Tablespoon Soy Sauce [or less to minimize saltiness]

2 chopped Scallions

1 chopped Garlic Clove

2 teaspoon Ginger [fresh or powder]

mix all the ingredients together, place raw salmon in sauce, cover, and put in fridge for about an hour before grilling/baking/frying.

don’t let it sit for more than an hour, because apparently the fish can cook itself from the salt in the soy sauce, and will overcook when you actually cook it. the more you overcook fish, the fishier it will smell and taste. so keep track of the marinade time.

After I pan fried it, I topped it with shaved carrots and more chopped scallions. I don’t have a picture because it was devoured too quickly.


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