Homemade Vegan Pizza

The dough is made from this martha stewart recipe. [I usually make half the recipe and it turns out 2 medium sized pizzas].

This is the best dough recipe I’ve found over the years. It  can be rolled out thin or thick to your liking. I like mine thin and crunchy with a flat, no edge crust. The shape when rolled out is almost never a circle, but almost a square. I just try to make it about the size of the pizza stone.

When baking the dough, it really does make a difference to use a pizza stone instead of a pizza pan. During a summer explosion of heat and temporarily no air conditioning; we couldn’t use the stove, so Rachel [who was visiting from out of town] and I baked the dough outside on a grill. It turned out roughly the same and we devoured it.

I honestly like homemade pizza without cheese. For some reason when shredded mozzarella cheese melts in an oven at home, it comes out this congealed burnt mess, so I avoid it completely. Sometimes I add some fresh mozzarella or goat cheese after it comes out of the oven, but I really do like the vegan version.

I top the dough with some plain tomato sauce, or sometimes just olive oil… throw on some veggies and bake in the oven for 12-15 min. It comes out crunchy, robust and delicious. Thanks, Martha Stewart!

I usually make two kinds. The one at the top of the post and below is a mushroom, tomato, garlic, olive, artichoke and red pepper pizza with no sauce. And the one directly above  is a basil, mushroom, olive, onion and tomato sauce pizza. After discovering this, I can’t eat takeout pizza anymore.


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